Our founder Finnen Au created Explore Apollo Tuition with the intention of combining scientifically-proven learning strategies that ensured all of our students were able to retain the greatest level of knowledge whilst simultaneously producing lessons that were engaging, innovative and exciting for students.

We nurture young, developing minds with a passion for establishing a comfortable, exciting learning environment that fills them with confidence and instils a positive mindset towards learning and exams. This is what makes us stand out from the rest- we recognise the conventional repetitive, dull nature of tutoring for students and have crafted a tutoring process that guarantees we avoid this alongside our subject experts!

As an independent, family-ran business, our tutoring goes beyond a simple video-call, we are able to establish strong relationships with our parents/carers and maintain fluent communication in relation to student’s progress and development. The fact that we are a close-knit community of tutors really lends itself to the process of ensuring that the education and learning of each student is cared for to a great extent and that the individuality of each student is embraced and tailored to in a capacity that larger companies simply cannot offer. Many parents and carers of our students recognise our dedication to taking time and care to work alongside families as a collaborative process, with our team just as passionate for our students to achieve success as their families!

Our principal values are reflected in our commitment to providing students with a positive and engaging learning space that has a plethora of exciting, innovative content that they look forward to tackling, with in-depth diagrams, annotations, past papers and video content curated by our subject specialists.

We also take care in prioritising the unique and individual needs of each student by recognising the importance of supporting and embracing the difference of every student’s approach to learning, whether they are visual, auditory or kinesthetic learners and will always adapt our sessions to support them in their learning journey.

How we work;

The structure of our sessions are broken down into the ‘Phases’ approach- the knowledge, application and testing phases. Our specialists design all of our booklets with this approach in order to maximise information retention and provide students with a clear structure that they can easily follow, whilst also allowing for a creative layout and organisation that will be thought-provoking for them. The structure of our tutoring sessions is what diversifies us from the strained, repetitiveness of other tuition. We craft lesson booklets that leave space for student interaction and engagement and that are also scientifically proven to improve brain recollection and understanding.

Each lesson is purposefully designed to incorporate a 3-phase lesson; Knowledge, Application, Testing. This allows our students to be guided through their learning with clear phases to each lesson. Ultimately, this provides a higher level of consistency to their learning and allows them to clearly recognise the information that they must be able to recall. This approach allows us to maximise time and eliminate any confusion for pupils, which allows them to truly flourish and thrive The knowledge phase involves students reading, absorbing and discussing new knowledge as tutors breakdown unfamiliar concepts and develop further through our tutors modelling, images and/or appropriate video clips. Unlike within the classroom environment, we can identify the individual ad specific strengths and weaknesses of the student and fully tailor our teaching to leave them feeling self-assured.

The application phase provides our students with exam-style questions in which they apply the knowledge and finally uses real exam questions from previous years to test their knowledge. This approach eliminates low-level revision methods by encouraging active engagement with the exam content and key retainment of knowledge- resulting in a much more efficient method to tackling exams.

The testing phase simply allows our pupils to put their knowledge into action, by using real past exam questions for our 11+, GCSE and A-Level Students and past questions from KS1, 2 and 3 assessments. This phase is particularly useful as our tutors annotate, speak through and support your child alongside this phase, providing their expertise and understanding of what examiners are looking for and specific tips and tricks!


We have mastered finding the balance between establishing a fun, exciting tutoring space that encourages students to flourish and thrive whist also maintaining a scientifically-driven approach to learning that guarantees information retention and leads to greater success in academic attainment.
Simply, all of our team share the same dedication to help make a meaningful impact on our student’s educational journey and helping to shape highly knowledgeable and skilled practitioners equipped for the world of work or further education.