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Terms and Conditions

Cancellations and missed lessons:
All missed sessions are chargeable if Explore Apollo Tuition has not been informed about the cancellation within the specified time. You must give a minimum of 72 hours’ notice before the start of the session to rearrange that session. For all unforeseeable situations, there must be at least 5 hours’ notice, a cancellation after this time will be charged at the full hourly rate and will not be rearranged. It will only be classed as an unforeseeable situation, if it is unpredictable and out of your personal control. We offer a make-up session for any session missed, given the 72 hours’ notice or 5 hours (for unforeseeable situations), so that you do not lose out.  We do not offer any refunds for missed lessons. A make-up session must be taken at a time, other than the student’s normal session time and must be taken within 1 month of missing the session. Make-up session may not be carried over to a time after un-enrolment.
If you would like to rearrange a session, please contact us

Tutor changes:
If a tutor, for any reason, has to stop tuition mid-month, Explore Apollo Tuition will endeavour to replace that Tutor with another tutor, of same qualification and similar experience. This will be carried out as soon as possible, in order to minimise disruption to the student’s progress.

if you would like to stop tuition, you must give a least a 2 weeks’ notice to both your tutor and Explore Apollo tuition. This notice must be given in writing. This allows the tutor to conclude the learning with the student and arrange their own commitments. To give notice of unenrolment please contact us.
All monthly payment must be paid 24 hours before the first lesson of the paid month. If the payment isn’t made 24 hours before, the session will not go ahead. Once tuition for the paid month has commenced, there are no refunds. However, refer to ‘Cancellation and missed lessons’ section above for rescheduling lessons. Please note, we only do monthly a payments system.

At the end of the prepaid month, tuition automatically continues, unless you give two weeks’ notice to both your tutor and Explore Apollo tuition. Please refer to ‘Unenrolment’ section above for further details on this.  If you do not give Explore Apollo Tuition and the Tutor specified notice, will assume that you wish to continue with the tuition. Your agreed time slot with the Tutor, will continue to be reserved for you.
To protect both the student and the tutor, all sessions will be recorded and saved to a Secure date-based system. Please see our ‘Privacy policy’ to how we protect and store your data. By accepting our service, you are agreeing to our safeguarding procedures. If you wish to withdraw from this safeguarding procedure, your contract will be ended immediately. A Tutor cannot be held responsible for chaperoning minors, nor guarding house and household assets while Tutoring. Please ensure that a responsible adult is on the premises at all times.

Explore Apollo Tuition advises that an adult should be present in the room throughout the lesson, for all children under 18. If Explore Apollo Tuition is notified of a child being left unsupervised and unattended during the session, the contract and lesson will be ended immediately. In suitable situations, appropriate authorities will be informed. Safeguarding both our tutors and our client is extremely important to us. If you have any concern, please contact us immediately.

If you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions, please contact us on;

Thank you
Explore Apollo Tuition team


Highly recommend this Tuition service. Friendly, knowledgeable tutors who have helped my child reach their full potential and boost their confidence. A great service with regular updates and Tutor reports at the end of term.

Tasneem Hussain

Really happy with the level of service from Finn. He has great communication and is always on hand ready to help and support our child with in any way he can.We started tuition during lockdown to support our daughters 11 plus tests in the future. Finn has created a custom package for us and helps our daughter with additional support material for each lesson.Would highly recommend Finn and his team and will be adding lessons for our other children in the near future.

Parminder Singh Narwal

Cannot say thank you enough to Finn. We contacted him after schools shutting for the second time to help with our 6 year old. We were worried about how much school he has missed and was looking for someone to help keep him interested and motivated to learn. It worked out brilliantly and I could not believe how he managed to keep him engaged for an hour each time. We are even hoping to continue with Finn after our son settles back into school. I was so impressed with the work our son was producing and without any of the moaning that I was receiving.

Amanda Bown

We found Finn from a local recommendation, and he started working with my 6 and 7 year old sons during the lockdown, helping them several times a week with English and Maths. For us homeschooling was a battle and after missing so much school this year it was a relief to know they were still learning and progressing.Finn kept them motivated, interested, and somehow managed to keep them engaged every single lesson! The boys loved learning with Finn and I am very sure we will be using Explore Apollo Tuition in the future.... I highly recommend and a massive thank you from all of us x

Michelle Perez

This young man has the patience of a saint. My 10-year-old is very bright but gets bored easily. Finnen, has gone out of his way to engage with Gabriel, which has worked fabulously. My son is going for his 11 plus and saying we have been in lockdown Finnen has done awesome job of keeping him up to date.

Sam Denning

I first started using Finn and Mollie after a recommendation from a friend during lockdown and they have been amazing. My son is in year 9 and he throughout lockdown he has been doing Maths, Chemistry and English with FAU and he has been engaged and really enjoying the sessions. As he is not a child that naturally enjoys learning this shows just how good the tutors are. My son had to sit exams at the end of term and after not being in school and with no lessons other than the work set I am pleased to say his grades improved in all subjects where he has had the tutoring which I fantastic.

Not only this Finn and Mollie have inspired my son to go back to school with a new focus wanting to improve his grades and do well. I can not recommend this company enough.”

Samantha Turner