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Home Schooling

Here at Explore Apollo Tuition, we also offer online one-to-one home-schooling lessons in Maths, English and Science, from year 1 to year 11 throughout the day. Every child will work through a personalised lesson ‘booklet’, which adopts a learning approach that concisely shows the knowledge they must learn, as well as using the knowledge that they have learnt in application tasks, such as problem-solving maths questions or a reading comprehension for English. Using the ‘phases’ method within our lessons has been scientifically proven to increase student’s engagement with content and ability to retain information.

One of our core values is to ensure that each lesson is enjoyable, interactive, and fun for our home-school students. Our goal is for each student to leave each lesson with a positive outlook and mindset towards learning and discovering their potential. We teach our students active revision techniques and help them organise their knowledge for exam practice, using the Knowledge organisers that we provide! We will assist and support you throughout your journey, making home-schooling on a 1-2-1 level as efficient as possible. We will make every effort to alleviate the stress of home-schooling.

Our highly experienced tutor work with parents to devise a personalise learning plan, designed to maximise your child’s potential. We can also answer practical questions about the national curriculum, assessments, and educational regulations. You have access to our team throughout the day, we will support you through the whole process. Our aim is to make home-schooling as stress free as possible.

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Our Home-schooling primary lesson will be adapted to the needs of our students. Whether the school setting no longer suits your child’s needs or you’re travelling the world! Explore Apollo tuition can offer your children an alternative to the school setting.

We provide online 1-2-1 English and maths lessons to our primary student.

Our lessons cover key elements from the national curriculum but also, we will ensure your children will have no gaps in their education. our team of dedicated full-time tutors will provide one to one tuition for your child and will make the lessons fun and highly engaging atmosphere.



Is your child embarking on the transition between the school setting and home-schooling. We provide Maths, English and Science support to our KS3 students.

Our KS3 Lessons are carefully designed to be interactive and engaging, and children are free to ask questions and explore their interests in a distraction-free setting.

We can adapt our lessons around our students to create the right home-schooling atmosphere. Every member of our home-schooling team is supportive, kind and caring and believe in the importance of an engaging lesson plan.


Are you looking for support with IGCSEs. Explore Apollo tuition can help with IGCSE exams. Our tutors firmly believe learning can be an enjoyable experience. Through our 1-2-1 online support and encouragement our tutors we aim to reduce exam stress and build on confidence.

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) provides a course of study and certificate very similar to a GCSE.  The GCSE and the IGCSE are viewed equally by universities and employers. We can provide a tailored Home-schooling services providing supporting students with exam preparation assistance, tuition for exam retakes, assistance with developing study skills, coursework helps and ongoing support. At Explore

Apollo tuition we offer IGCSE tuition in the following Maths, science (whether for double or combined science awards or biology, chemistry, and physics) and English literature and English language.

Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND):

At Explore Apollo Tuition we believe all students should have the chance to succeed. At Explore Apollo Tuition, we understand that every student is different and learns in a different way. We have tutors who are trained to teach a range of Special Education Needs and Disabilities and who have experience working alongside different children with educational needs. We can cater for all needs, allowing everyone to have the same opportunities. By working together, your child can achieve the better grades.

Our tutors are trained within ADHD, dyslexia, autism, dyspraxia, and dyscalculia.

If you have any questions or need any more information about our special educational need’s tuition, please contact us.


Finn has been working with my 7 year old son for a few months now. Finn came highly recommended from a family member. My son has enjoyed learning English Comprehension with Finn and learning in a fun way by talking about things that he finds fascinating.

My son says "Finn is a good teacher and explains things well", I would highly recommend Finn.

Nim Jassi

Finn has being tutoring my son since last Summer. My son is not a lover of school and lacks confidence in himself and his abilities. Finn is super trustworthy and reliable. He makes lessons so much fun that my boy really looks forward to learning with him which is a huge comparison to how he is going to school!

I highly recommend Explore apollo and am very greatful to Finn for his patience , professionalism and kindness.

Cath Marie

Very impressed with this company. Professional, helpful, responsive, and great results. Tutor Mollie really helped my son with Chemistry. He enjoyed his Teams lessons each week and she was knowledgeable, patient and helpful.

The admin side is faultless too. Finn really takes time and care to work with families. Lesson plans are sent through and communication is second to none. This company deserves every success. We hope to use them again one day. Thank you.

Highly recommended!

Anna Jean

Finn had been helping my 11 year old with his English ready for his SATS. While he’s a bit of a Maths and Science whizz he has always lack enjoyment and confidence in English so was struggling somewhat.

My son has enjoyed working with Finn, he finds him fun and interesting and at the same time is clearly taking on board what he has been teaching him. He will now off his own back pick a word of the day to try and expand his vocabulary. In a recent parents evening I was told that his new found confidence in English is clear and that he is now getting more involved in class lessons rather than shying away and bumbling through. His quality of written work and correct use of punctuation has also come along a lot of the past few months. His teacher commented that the tutoring has certainly given him a boost and she expects him to go in and do well in his exams now.

Thank you very much Finn, if I ever need a tutor for either of the boys in future you’ll be my first choice.

Leanne Bull

Excellent management, dedicated team of teachers. We had an excellent experience especially with Finn. I have recommended them to lots of my friends and will continue to recommend.

Well done!

Sobia Arshad

Finn does absolutely amazing work with my daughter, she is more focused than she has ever been with her subjects which is down to the dedication and hard work of Finn.

I would highly recommend to anybody seeking home schooling because you won’t find any better.

Lyndsey Obrien

I highly recommend Explore Apollo tuition. My daughter had GCSE maths,English and RE tuition with Explore Apollo tuition. They provided me with lesson reminders and also lesson booklets. A massive thanks to Finn the owner who was really friendly and kind but most importantly honest.

He told us the truth about where are daughter was at with her studies, which we really needed to hear. I am sure she will do great in her exams because of the extra supported provided by the team. I do not use Facebook but when finn ask for a review I had to set up an account. He was great support and I am glad we went with them for my daughter support.

Thanks again guys. Mia x

Mia Taylor

I cannot recommend Explore Apollo Tuition enough. Finn has been incredible, professional, extremely efficient and so reliable. My son has had tuition for Maths and Science for his GCSEs. Finn and Charlotte have been amazing and have certainly played a really important role in building my son’s confidence for his exams. Finn is super organised and always replies to messages very quickly, nothing is too much trouble, 5* service.

Michelle Shave

Huge Thank you to Finn and Henry for providing a great service, great tuition that has seen my daughter pass her science gcse!! Thank you so much!

Nicola Bremner

Finn is a fantastic tutor that was instrumental in helping my daughter move from the bottom of her class to an above average position. He shows patience, proactively engages the parents and is thorough, organised and adaptive. Strongly recommend him.

George Karamanos
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We adopt the phases approach throughout all our workbooks, which employ key psychological principals in recall, knowledge, application, and testing phases. The structured workbook clearly identifies the knowledge that students are required to understand when answering exam questions.

Our booklets provide our students with exam-style questions in which they apply the knowledge and finally uses real exam questions from previous years to test their knowledge.

We provide our students with resources that ensure their revision is actively helping them achieve the results they deserve and assist them when organising their knowledge, making use of the ‘Knowledge Organisers’!

We also use past papers and go through the mark schemes which we believe are a crucial part of our revision resources, which allow tutors to offer tailored feedback to the revision process.
We can identify our students stronger and weaker areas that we can focus and improve upon on within our 1-2-1 sessions.
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