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(Year 7 to Year 9)

Throughout the crucial years of secondary school, we can support your child in English, maths, and science. It is important to have the fundamental skills that will allow your child to keep progressing and academically achieving, in preparation for their GCSEs.

The lessons will prepare your child for their GCSE exams and give them the foundations they require to progress in the following years. GCSEs might seem far away now… but they are just around the corner.


Our KS3 maths lessons are designed to give your child the foundations needed to achieve their greatest potential. Furthermore, the lessons will allow your child to progress and improve their maths ability, making them more confident in themselves. The lessons will focus on key maths skills, from long division to word problems, we cover the full curriculum to ensure your child as the foundations they need to progress through school with self-confidence.

We believe in building concrete foundations that will make maths easier and more enjoyable. The exam questions can be tricky in maths, so we concentrate on nailing the exam skills to enable your child to tackle any question.


Is your child about to take a big step from primary school to secondary school? At Explore Apollo tuition we help them to develop the skills they need to improve their English. Our English lessons focus on reading, spelling, punctuation, and key writing skills. The creative writing lessons support children in tackling tricky techniques, inspiring imaginative ideas, and writing sensational stories and scripts!

Your child will work on a varied range of topics and writing styles, to enhance their ability. This will provide your child with a range of tools that they can apply within every English exam form KS3 to GCSE.


At Explore Apollo tuition we offer fun, interesting and entertaining science lessons. Our KS3 science lessons will give your child the foundation knowledge for GCSE. Your child can choose to have tuition within Biology, chemistry and physics or select a specific science.

Each lesson is made tailored to your child. They will learn the wonders of the world and gain a new love for science!

Special Educational Needs (SEN)  

At Explore Apollo tuition we specialise in SEN tuition. Our KS3 special educational needs tuition allows every single student to achieve their own individual success. At Explore Apollo tuition we understand that every student is different and learns in a different way. We have tutors who are trained to teach SEN and who have experience working alongside different children with special educational needs.

We can cater for all needs, allowing everyone to have the same opportunities. By working together, your child can achieve the better grades. Our tutors are trained within ADHD, dyslexia, autism, dyspraxia, and dyscalculia. If you have any questions or need any more information about our special educational need’s tuition, please contact us.


Highly recommend this Tuition service. Friendly, knowledgeable tutors who have helped my child reach their full potential and boost their confidence. A great service with regular updates and Tutor reports at the end of term.

Tasneem Hussain

Really happy with the level of service from Finn. He has great communication and is always on hand ready to help and support our child with in any way he can.We started tuition during lockdown to support our daughters 11 plus tests in the future. Finn has created a custom package for us and helps our daughter with additional support material for each lesson.Would highly recommend Finn and his team and will be adding lessons for our other children in the near future.

Parminder Singh Narwal

Cannot say thank you enough to Finn. We contacted him after schools shutting for the second time to help with our 6 year old. We were worried about how much school he has missed and was looking for someone to help keep him interested and motivated to learn. It worked out brilliantly and I could not believe how he managed to keep him engaged for an hour each time. We are even hoping to continue with Finn after our son settles back into school. I was so impressed with the work our son was producing and without any of the moaning that I was receiving.

Amanda Bown

We found Finn from a local recommendation, and he started working with my 6 and 7 year old sons during the lockdown, helping them several times a week with English and Maths. For us homeschooling was a battle and after missing so much school this year it was a relief to know they were still learning and progressing.Finn kept them motivated, interested, and somehow managed to keep them engaged every single lesson! The boys loved learning with Finn and I am very sure we will be using Explore Apollo Tuition in the future.... I highly recommend and a massive thank you from all of us x

Michelle Perez

This young man has the patience of a saint. My 10-year-old is very bright but gets bored easily. Finnen, has gone out of his way to engage with Gabriel, which has worked fabulously. My son is going for his 11 plus and saying we have been in lockdown Finnen has done awesome job of keeping him up to date.

Sam Denning

I first started using Finn and Mollie after a recommendation from a friend during lockdown and they have been amazing. My son is in year 9 and he throughout lockdown he has been doing Maths, Chemistry and English with FAU and he has been engaged and really enjoying the sessions. As he is not a child that naturally enjoys learning this shows just how good the tutors are. My son had to sit exams at the end of term and after not being in school and with no lessons other than the work set I am pleased to say his grades improved in all subjects where he has had the tutoring which I fantastic.

Not only this Finn and Mollie have inspired my son to go back to school with a new focus wanting to improve his grades and do well. I can not recommend this company enough.”

Samantha Turner

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