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A Level

The A Level year can be particularly tricky for all students, navigating academic pressures whilst making decisions about their future. At Explore Apollo tuition we are proud of our A-Level tutors who are all natural mentors, with the teaching experience to provide tailored lessons to reduce the pressure on your child and increase their attainment.

Our 1-2-1 A Level and AS Level tuition take place online. We provide our students with all the resources they need for their A-level exams. We adopt the phases approach throughout all our workbooks, which employ key psychological principals in recall, knowledge, application, and testing phases. The structured workbook clearly identifies the knowledge that students are required to understand when answering exam questions.

Our booklets provide our students with exam-style questions in which they apply the knowledge and finally uses real exam questions from previous years to test their knowledge. This approach eliminates low-level revision methods by encouraging active engagement with the exam content and key retainment of knowledge- resulting in a much more efficient method to tackling exams.

Meet our A-level team now and make considerable improvements to your education.

To ensure we only provide the best service, we offer only offer certain A-level subjects and exam boards.

We offer the following:
  • AQA, ORC and WJCE psychology
  • AQA Biology
  • AQA Chemistry
  • AQA & OCR Maths
  • AQA Sociology
For other A-Level tuition, in subjects we do not cover, we are sometimes able to recommend a tutor.

We only do this if we have known the tutor for several years and can be sure they are qualified, reliable and excel at their job.
Want to gain the best A level grades?