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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Our online one-to-one sessions are live and are tailored to your child’s needs. At Explore Apollo Tuition we believe it is important to make our online sessions as beneficial as face-to-face. Our lessons are designed to feel as if we are in the room!
All online sessions are carried out through Zoom. We will provide you with your own personal code and password in your welcome booklet. We will also send over a zoom reminder the day before your lesson takes place. The reminder will contain a copy of your personal code and password, and we will also provide you with the zoom link. Due to it being a personal code and password, only you will be able to join the lessons. Simply log on and your tutor will be waiting to start your lesson.
All face-to- face and online lessons are an hour. This is because we feel an hour is the most beneficial amount of time, to successfully move through our unique lesson structure. Our sessions are an hour long all the way from primary to GCSE. When your child is interested and engaged, an hour will fly by! However, we can also provide hour and a half and two-hour sessions!
After you have joined the Apollo family, we will agree on a set time and day, which will stay the same throughout the term. The day before your lesson, a zoom reminder will be sent. Our zoom reminder will remind you of your personal code and password, as well as the lesson time. Furthermore, the day before, we will send over your child’s personal lesson booklet (most of our students print these off), but a copy will also be shown on the screen.
At Explore Apollo Tuition, we believe feedback is crucial to making the most progress. At the end of every term, your child will be given an in-depth report. Our report will highlight your child’s strengths and weaknesses. We will also explain our plan for next term to improve your child’s weaknesses. Your child will also be provided with feedback at the end of each session, summarising what your child needs to do to improve and how to improve.

YES! Everything your child learns is aligned to the national school curriculum. We directly support your child with everything they will learn at school, to ensure they can complete it with confidence. For our GCSE tuition, we will follow the exam specification for your child’s exam board, supporting them with past exam questions. We offer tuition for a range of different subjects and exam boards. Please see our GCSE page for more information!

We offer 11 plus and other entrance exams tuition. We also offer one-to-one SEN tuition. Please see these pages for more information.

All of our staff hold a level one safeguarding certificate and are enhanced DBS checked. Please see our safeguarding policies and procedures for more information.